The restaurant

El Gallardo presents itself as a boho chic pizzeria restaurant whose cuisine is based on classic Italian cuisine with a modern twist and international influences.

The menu varies according to the seasons and the chef's inspiration. The pastries, bread and focaccia are homemade.
Products such as meat and fish are of high quality and are prepared with creative preparations and original combinations.

The kamado we use to cook meat and fish gives a unique flavour to our recipes.

Another highlight are the pizzas.

A new pizza concept that is changing the way we understand the world's best-known product.

More than a pizzeria, the gallardo is a gastronomic idea, a place inspired by the tradition of the ‘pizza romana al taglio’ already offered in Rome's bakeries as a response to the demand for fast food, the pala romana quickly became the most popular street food in Rome.

Restaurante Gallardo

The high hydration of the dough, together with the quality of the flours and fermentation process, ensure that pizza alla pala develops a crispy, crunchy base and a pronounced, soft crumb.

Our offer includes classic pizzas and gourmet pizzas created to meet the expectations of both tradition-seeking customers and the most demanding gourmets.

The service is informal and relaxed, but no less precise or attentive, designed to create a warm and familiar atmosphere. The room is cosy and soft, with its light and natural colours harmonising with our terrace immersed in the green of the square.

The restaurant is located in a village of 6,000 inhabitants, in an area that includes other villages for a total of approximately 15,000 people. 

Pizza restaurante Gallardo

"Cucinare è sempre stato il mio atto d'amore e con le mani in pasta, ascolto il mio cuore battere"